As the vast majority of our olive production comes from our own harvest we are able to maintain strict control over the olive maturation process. The olive groves are visited one by one to determine the optimum moment to collect the fruit.

We also acquire a carefully selected part of the harvests of other farmers in the region, such as in the municipalities Camuñas, Herencia, Puerto Lápice, Villafranca de los Caballeros, Villarta de San Juan, Alcázar de San Juan, etc. Each batch has its own qualities and so they are kept separate when they enter the olive mill.

At harvest time, we always start with the the Picual variety which is ready earlier than the Cornicabra. We separate the olives that enter into our facilities so that we can extract the best organoleptic qualities and carry out the right blending.

Unlike other producers, we strive to produce the best oil instead of getting the highest yield out of the olive.

In our continuous search to obtain excellent quality oils, we go to a great deal of trouble to determine the optimum moment from the point of view of taste to squeeze very fruity olive oils with low acidity, a great aroma and with unique organoleptic qualities.