"Palmero Oils"

Rosario Palmero PalmeroSanz S.L. is a company with a family tradition, which has dedicated decades to the production of wines and oils painstakingly monitoring each step of the production process.

As we have our own olive groves cultivated in an environmentally friendly way, we able to carefully control the whole process; from the cultivation of the olive, through to harvesting at the optimum moment of ripeness to produce a quality olive oil, which is fruity, slightly spicy and has an intense aroma and flavour. These characteristics which are unique to enclaves between the La Mancha Plain and the Montes de Toledo along with the time, effort and enthusiasm we put into our work has ensured that we produce a quality olive oil season after season

At Palmero Oils, the seal of quality is given by our clients and we do everything in our power to get their recognition.